October 06, 2006

No to Islam say the muslims

[Warning purple]

For immigrants to come to a country they are showing that they want to live in that country. They think they will be happier their than where ever they left. This can be for any number of reasons jobs, education, environment, freedom, safety, any aspect of what makes up our culture. But lets be frank, nobody moves to Britain for the weather. In coming to enjoy our culture the flow of ideas is not a one way street. Immigrants throw their ideas into the mix and new better ways emerge, the best bits of the native culture which attracted them in the first place plus any useful traits that they bring. Cultures mix and merge and after a short time a hybrid comes forth invigorated from a dash of new blood.

Most immigrants want to make their way and do, they enjoy their new lives and take advantage of their new home. After all why would anybody travel thousands of miles because of how much better life is under and different culture, and then refuse to live under that culture? Why travel thousands of miles to reconstruct an outpost of a culture that is so inferior that you would travel thousands of miles to escape it? The only group to arrive in Britain that has been unable to come to terms so far with the logic of assimilation is the Muslims, but then logic and religion were never the most complimentary pair.

The attraction of British culture has not disappeared for them, we still have many of the points that made them or their parents pack up and move to this rainy island on the edge of the atlantic ocean. It is all theirs for the taking, yet there is also still Islam forbidding them from taking it. Eventually one of these drives must win out. Either the attraction of the west most go, or the force pulling them back to Islam. So which? Which is better? Can you really judge competing cultures like that? The thing is that they themselves have already decided. They came here, they want to live in Britain not Pakistan. So no to kowtowing to the extremists, no to creeping dhimmitude, and no to submission. The Muslims have spoken and who are we to reject their decision?


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